To Simply Be... Or Not To Be was born out of a desire and a need to bring clarity and a sense of calm to the lives of people who work on their own and/or for themselves.

Living as a micropreneur fills (work) life with more roles than one can juggle with two hands and making a living and staying sane at the same time can feel like a task that's far too overwhelming, at least at times. It is possible to live as a micropreneur and not overwork yourself to the point of getting ill. To have a Life also outside of the office, to enjoy yourself and to keep the important things in your life close to you.

For a person running a small company the work itself is usually a matter of heart - and it's very easy to let it rule over everything else in life. To Simply Be's aim is to be the reminder that by knowing what and who you are and what kinds of things matter to you it is possible to build a company that thrives on life rather than wanes of overwork and stress.