Thursday, 19 December 2013


The more I peek into my life and try to amend things so that life would be more manageable, the more I come across one particular thing - unfinished business.

I am great at beginnings, I do love a good beginning and the thrill of it. But halfway through the project the thrill wanes, always, and it's a miracle I can get anything finished. And when I do, it's usually a very stressful experience, for I'm usually late, the deadline is either long gone or it should be finished NOW and I need to hurry it through. The relief after finishing something that's been on my mind for far too long is obviously huge, and that's probably one reason why I keep finding myself in the same situation again and again. Finishing something in time is hardly a cause for celebration, but the relief of stress after finishing something far later than expected is huge, and requires definite celebration.

When I have edited my possessions at home and at work, I find I'm more at peace when I get to a point when there's a space with no more unfinished business for now. That however hard I look, I find only things that are thought over, needed and done. And that look is so serene. Where there's no unfinished business, there's no stress, for me.

In our living room at home, I have a shelf for my knittings. I'm usually actively working on one project at the time, but there can be several that are sort of half-done.

And although I've gone through that shelf and there's hardly anything extra there anymore, this basket made of an old vinyl record caught my eye last night. They were calling to me, those knittings. Although there's no more than two items there that need attention, that's definitely two that keep calling my name until all the Christmas presents are finished and I can concentrate on my own stuff again.

There's a pair of gloves. One of them is already finished, and the other one would take no more than a day or two of active work to get done. I started them in the late summer / early autumn, and have forgotten all about them until now. They'd go well with a triangular scarf that I made for winter some half a year ago, but I can't bring myself around to finishing them. 

And a pair of lace socks. The yarn is so pretty, and the model easier than I thought. And yet something holds me back from getting around to finishing the sock no. 2 (I know, it's the Second Sock Syndrome, SSS, and I'm not the only one suffering form it, but it's worth pondering through).

My challenge for the living room will begin with these two right after Christmas. The gloves and the socks. To make the stressful stuff disappear from the knitting basket, and to see some unfinished business get finished. It's a small step for this house and for my life, but if it reduces stress even the tiniest bit, it might just be worth it.

How will it be for you? 
Where are the little things in your life, at your home, at work, at hobbies, that cause you to be stressed, that you might not even be aware of? Is there a way or two to diminish the anxiety they cause? 

My January will begin with learning more about stress, how it manifests itself in my life and how to live with it so it doesn't cause damage. Sandra Pawula from Always Well Within is holding a three week course on Living With Ease and I'm taking part. I'm so excited :)



Anonymous said...

I just smile while reading your post. Finishing is lovely. But what is finishing? When is things finished? I'll try to tell my self that work, that can go on "for ever" can finish for the moment. I try to celebrate for just some seconds when finishing for the moment.
See you at Sandra's course! Anki

Tanssiinan Anne said...

Anki, thank you for the comment. You've made a brilliant point - not everything can be finished for good. I'd like to think of finishing as such that there aren't things that call for your immediate attention. Cleaning is one thing that never finishes - but it can be in a state that doesn't require your immediate attention. And that's, I suppose, finished enough - for now :)
And celebrating finishing is something worth thinking about, too, like you mentioned. Recognising that you've accomplished something and being happy about it before rushing off to do something different.