Friday, 23 August 2013

21 of 33

I promised to show pictures of the items I have found so far for the Autumn Season of Project333. I have a total of 21 pieces of clothing and accessories, so there's a bit missing, but it's slowly coming together.

The first two pairs of leggings. I don't like trousers, and I love wearing skirts. But skirts and tunics in the autumn require something warm underneath. These will do. It was pretty hard to find leggings from flea markets. I suppose people buy them and completely wear them out, so there are none left for the thrift aisles.

Third pair of leggings (these are 3/4 length) and a denim skirt. I never wear jeans, but for the past 12 years there's always been a denim skirt in the closet :) This one is SO short I'm not sure how I'll cope, but I promised to challenge myself and not take the easy way out, so we'll see how this will go. 

The two last skirts. I like my skirts flat around the hips and flary towards the bottom. And I LOVE skirts. For nearly all my life I've lived in a world where ballet tights and tracky bottoms were the way to go and skirts have just been too inconvenient for wearing. But now that I only need gym stuff twice a week, I love to wear skirts and be a bit more girly.

One strappy top and one tank are always in order. Besides, the tank was the first item I found, and I loved the pattern.

Teeshirts turned out to be grey. And the one on the right was so funny I had to choose it over a bucketful of other teeshirts in market. Turquoise pointe shoes?! How fitting for a dance wear shop owner :)

The tunic on the left was so pretty it had to be chosen. Brown has traditionally my basic colour, so it was an easy choice. And the turquoise details fitted well with the whole teal-navy-turquoise thing that seems to be happening. And when it comes to the checkered thing on the right, I had to grow into it. I never thought it would fit me or suit me, but now that I've tried it on plenty of times before the season's start, I've grown to like it. And there's another one along the same lines coming.

Half sleeve tops are a must at work. The one on the left was pretty and just my kind of a colour, but the grey and sparkly thing was a trial. The cut is nice and it fits well, the sleeves are just the right length, but the sparklies? I'm not quite sure I'm all up for them. But we'll see.

Long sleeves. There's something about that top on the right. The navy is so beautiful (coming from a girl who has never liked anything dark blue). It's like a night sky. Long sleeves will most probably be worn underneath a cardigan at work, or with rolled sleeves on their own, if need be. I'm not really into long sleeves at all, but I do need some, for it get's cold in the late autumn.

Cardigans. Lovely cardigans. I've for a long time wanted to have a go with the boxy thing on the right, but I haven't wanted to pay a full amount for one only to find out it looks silly on me. I could also have knitted one, but there's an even bigger problem with it if it is not suited after all that hard work. But finding one in my size from the thrift store (it cost about 1,50€) was just the solution. And the cardi on the left is self-explanatory. It's my style, it's my colour, its something I would buy and buy again. It was a easy choice.

Last of the long sleeves (the other new checkered thing I'm trying on) with a dream scarf. Such pretty colours :)

And so far the last of the items. A mid-size bag. This fits in it just about everything one can need on an ordinary day when not working at the gym or at the shop. And the text just makes it funny. Angst?!

So there's still a good few missing articles to be found, but I'm happily beginning my project this time around with these, and trying to find the missing pieces as quickly as I can. And I'm replacing the missing items with items from home that should *not* be a part of this season at all, but they're just there until I can find a flea market replacement item for them.

And now it's time for a film. The little one is ill and we need to take things quite slowly today.



Anzi said...

Your approach to this project is indeed very fascinating. I really should give thrift shops a go, there are several around where I live. I just have to find a way to manage them with a small child in tow.

Tanssiinan Anne said...

Thanks Anzi! My relief is that the child is already nearly 7 and has just started school. My work on most days doesn't start until noon, so that leaves me with a good couple of hours every other morning to browse about if needed (now this has happened only for the past two weeks of my life, so it's all new freedom for me too... In some flea markets they have special sections for children's stuff including toys, and sometimes one could go in for a browse when the child is having a nap in the trolley.