Thursday, 22 August 2013

Day one, Season Three

This morning dawned cloudy and a bit rainy. A great morning to begin the Autumn Season in the wardrobe project, Project 333. What better than to wrap oneself in a warm cardigan and woolly socks.

This is my third season of the project, and I'm trying out something I've never tried before. I'm in it for a Thrift Season, which means pretty much all of the chosen 33 items will be from second hand shops, flea markets and charity shops. I haven't found everything yet, I'm still looking for more wintery gear for the latter part of the season (mittens and such like), and I'm missing a work bag (which would accommodate my computer and gym stuff as well as other day-to-day-things needed), and my shoes are MY shoes (for I haven't found fitting pairs from the thrift shops around). But as there are gaps in my needs-list, there are gaps in my 33 as well. I'm beginning the season (as it's still warm) with about 25 items and will add up to 33 once I find suitable gear from the local flea markets.

Today the delve into the closet was quite exciting. ALL new clothing for me. Well, all-never-before-worn-by-me-except-when-trying-on -clothing from flea markets for me. And I chose a skirt and a top and a cardigan with some tights and woolly socks (it looked rather autumny outside) and a scarf to go along for the ride.

What a joy. It was easy to choose what to wear. The clothes are in good condition (I only chose items that looked reasonably worn), they fit me, and they have no stories to tell (yet). I looked at myself from the full length mirror at the gym this morning and thought "I'd never quess I'm only wearing thrift store finds".

I noticed I've never worn navy blue before and now I have a good few items in that shade. It looks like it fits nicely to the darker evenings and starry skies. It also goes well with grey, which I have quite a lot of now as a base colour. And there's the turquoise-teal-type broken lushness of colour that's there as an accent.

I'm well looking forward to this season and what it's about to teach me. I'm already loving the no-strings-attached anonymity these thrift store clothes have. They all have stories, they all have belonged to somebody else in their previous homes, but there are no emotional attachments, and they are not sentimentally laden and bound to be worn by quilt. They are simply clothes, and I'm quite happy about that.


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