Monday, 9 September 2013

A piece of calm

Life needs moments of calm - even brief moments. I find one way to remember calm is through memories of previous calm times. A quiet moment, a sudden stop by a pretty flower. They all can happen and be appreciated right now (and ought to too!), but sometimes one needs a little reminder of how the calm feels without the pretty flowers in sight.

One good way to remember calm is through pictures and photos. You could have a book of calm on your work desk to go through when needed, or if you lead a paperless life, maybe a wall of pinned photos on Pinterest. Or when you find places and moments of calm, you could take pictures of them to go back to that moment and time when it's needed later and make a collage of them on your desktop.

For the picture-minded people a simple photo can reduce the pace of one's heart rate, make one remember to breathe deeper. To help one stop in a moment and to just be for a while, even in the middle of life that seems to have got more things to accomplish than time to accomplish them. 

And what's truly great about these little moments of calm and peace in the middle of a frantic life is how they -by giving you the opportunity to stop - serve as a reminder of what's really important in life, and a reminder that your stressful chores are only exactly just as big as you give them freedom to be. 

Give a breather to your brain, maybe several a day. Let your book of calm or your simple photos take your mind off the to-do-list of the day and carry you off for a minute or two. Not because your life is not worth living where you are and as it is, but because it is good to be reminded of the simple, or the best in life - so that in the middle of your ordinary day you'd know where your priorities lie and you'd know how to make the rest of the day be in line with those priorities. 
With your priorities comes a way of dealing with the stress factors of the day. Be it sending letters or picking up kids or doing paperwork or housework - when you know what's important in life, like *really* important, you'll know how to deal with the rest of the to-do's. By giving yourself a reminder of the peaceful, you'll find a way to deal with the stressful without it overtaking everything in life. And in the long run, that's gives you much more of the peaceful in life, and slowly culls the stressful that doesn't even have to be stressful :)


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