Monday, 16 September 2013

Jewelry without jewelry 2

Nail art has proven to be a great hobby. It requires quiet time, concentration, learning something new every time and a simple play with colours. It does not require much - a few bottles of polish, and if you fancy, a thin brush and a pin or a needle. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet if you like learning on your own, and local salons sometimes do workshops that you can attend if you want to learn in a group and with personal guidance.

I have only started my hobby, so I don't count myself skilled at all. But I do like learning new things every time I watch a tutorial and try out something new.
I like online tutorials, for you can watch them as many times as you need and learn by seeing, you don't need to allocate a specific time for your hobby and you don't have to spend time going anywhere to get to your class.
It is a simple hobby that one can do with very little investment, and it makes one breathe, take new information in one piece at a time and gives the possibility for a quiet time concentrating.

The tutorial for these three different designs can be found here:

While practicing Project333 I've found that decorating one's nails can be easily used to replace jewelry that would otherwise take up (sometimes too much) space in one's home and add to the everyday clutter in life. And I've completely fallen for the idea of jewelry without jewelry. This jewelry doesn't have to use up space in your home, you can alter it to suit your mood and style and occasion and make it fit every outfit and every situation if you please.

Some caution needs to be taken into account with nail polishes too. There can be too many of them, and the accessories that go with the whole nail art scheme. So I've decided to keep my colour choices scarce and only work with the few colours that fit the small box I have designated them. I'll stick to eight colours that all are somehow matchable. I have four now, so there's still space for a few. But above eight I will not go :)


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